Sunday, November 8, 2020

Osmo Wonderland-Christmas Gifting Idea


                                                         Osmo Pizza Co. 

Happy November! I can't believe we are almost a month away from Christmas. We set up our Christmas tree this weekend and I wanted to share a great gift idea for kids. Liam and Ashton love pizza and the Osmo Pizza Co. is the perfect game for learning, math, and how to run a business. They love making pizzas upon request, the characters show what they want on their pizzas and what they don't want. Liam and Ashton make the pizza accordingly by using the game pieces below, the game sees what they made, and responds accordingly. They have so much fun making pizzas. Liam gets really into the game and gets so nervous when it's busy. (It's so funny to see him really get into it.)

It's such an interactive game where the kids pretend they own a pizza shop with orders from the characters as well as learning about math and calculating money and change. I love that it is such a fun way to learn math while playing and pretending to make pizzas for customers. It helps them learn basic business kills and how to handle customers. I mean who doesn't love pizza and learning activities? This is such an incredible way to grow love in learning about math. What's your favorite kind of pizza? If you have a pizza lover at home, it makes the perfect gift idea! It's a no brainer in my book: fun & learning! 

 Thank you Osmo for gifting us this product.  All opinions are my own. 
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