Thursday, June 23, 2016

Style Challenge

PINEAPPLE BAG: Francescas exact one here // Pineapple top & shoes c/o Shorts Mossimo (old) similar here and here 

I've been wanting to share with you one of my passions which is hosting and participating in style challenges.  If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I'm a big fanatic of them. I actually started my Instagram account doing style challenge because they were so much fun. Okay, honestly I love participating in challenges in general and love the idea of winning. Although, I haven't won any style challenges that I participated in it. It is honesty so much fun. I love playing and connecting with other fashionistas that love and share the same passion as I do.

 I rounded up 10 common questions that I find are useful if you are new to a style challenge or wondered how I get ideas or select a winner with my co host, Melissa @mixandmatchmel. Read on to go behind the scenes of the making of a style challenge! :)  If I didn't answer your question, feel free to comment below or shoot me an email and I will be more than happy to answer any of your questions.

Top 10 Questions of Style Challenges 

1) What is a style challenge?
A style challenge is basically a challenge revolving around styling your clothing to a particular prompt. For example, I'm cohosting a style challenge this week that focuses on dresses, rompers, or jumpsuits. To participate in this challenge you would find anything in your closet that matches that description and style the way YOU want it to look. 

2) How do you participate?
Participating is easy as 1, 2, 3. To participate in any style challenge all you have to do is follow the prompt. For Instagram, most style challenges are followed up a hashtag so that other followers and participants can see how others style a certain look. Also, it makes it easier for the hosts to see who are participating especially help us in determining the winner of our prizes. 

3) Why do you participate in a style challenge?
First and foremost they are so much fun! It also helps me get dress for the day and it helps me figure out what to post on my Instagram page or blog post. It is also an EXCELLENT way to network and meet other women who share the same interest for fashion.  More importantly, it helps me grow and expand as a stylist to see so many different looks and mixing prints, patterns and textures that I would never do on my own. In other words, it helps me push my boundaries which I love to do! 

4) How did you get involved in hosting style challenges?
I got involved in hosting when my beautiful and inspiring friend Melissa @mixandmatchmel asked me if I wanted to host a style challenge with her in January 2016. I'm so glad I said yes, because of hosting I've met so many supportive and fun fashionistas. I also got to meet Melissa who is such a beautiful friend inside and out and the most chill person you will ever meet. She also has a YouTube channel which is called Mix And Match Mel hat she just started. She has the most amazing make up  tutorials and tips and I love that they are super easy to follow.
She is also very budget friendly which is awesome for being a mom of two.  I will also be featuring Melissa on my page so stay tuned.

5) How do you get inspiration for your style challenges?
Melissa and I always try to look at what is trending for a particular season.  We also like to give people choices and the freedom to wear what they like.  We also get inspiration from our fellow cohosts each month. We strongly believe in collaboration and that really helps it bringing in fresh ideas and material to make our challenges fun and exciting to follow. We also like to gain inspiration from TV, magazines, and everyday life. 

6) How often do you host your style challenges? 
Melissa and I try to host a style challenge every other month, but sometimes due to popular demand we will host a challenge back to back. We are planning to take a break this summer and will not be hosting until Fall. We would like to take a break to be able to spend time with our family in the summer, since hosting requires a lot of work. We try to like and comment as much as we can on your outfits. 

7) How do you select your winner for each style challenge?
Our selection of the winner is very easy. First and foremost, you need to be following all hosts to qualify to win. Then we look at how often you participate and if you are following the prompt. It is as easy as that. The amount of followers you have do not pertain to our selection of the winner. You can win with 10 followers or 10,000. We are really looking at content and how often you participate.

8) When do you release your posters for your style challenges?
We typically release our challenges on Friday so that everyone can start planning their outfits ahead of time. We send out reminders on Saturday and Sunday. 

9) Where do you get your images from your posters?
Lately, we've been using our own pictures or pictures of hosts that are hosting with us. We also use photos on Pinterest for inspiration. I wish I can take credit for the beautiful posters but I can't. Melissa is amazing at creating the best posters for our challenges.

10) When is your next style challenge?
  Tentatively we are schedule to hosts our challenge in August. Stay tuned on Instagram for more details. 

Here is a sneak peek as promised of next week's challenge! We can't wait to have you participate. If you are new to our style challenge, just hashtag #thisorthatjune remix in your photo and you are automatically part of the challenge and group! If you are in it to win it, make sure to follow all hosts this month! Last, but not least have fun and go for it! Fashion is all about fun and experimenting! I dare you to push your boundary and get out of your comfort zone! 

Congrats to @mama2imb for winning this month #thisorthatjuneremix style challenge. Please DM @mixandmatchmel to claim your prize. A big thanks to everyone that participated in this challenge.  Stay tuned for our next challenge... 


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