Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Happy Ninjago Halloween

Costumes: Liam (Llyod costume)|| Ashton (Kai costume)| Master Wu Costume (hat from Asian Store) || Nya Costume|| Shoes: Converse

 Happy Halloween! I hope you have a fun night trick or treating with your family and friends. We decided to dress up as Ninjago this year.  I think dressing up for Halloween is so much fun and definitely gets you in the Halloween spirit. I've always loved dressing up as a kid and I've also dressed up as an adult. It's so much more fun now to play dress up with my boys. I'm all about a theme and this year the boys definitely had an opinion of their own. You can see at the end of this post some of the costumes that we have dressed up as a family. This year the boys wanted to dress up as Ninjago from the Lego Movie and I thought it would be fun for my husband to dress up as Master Wu and that I dress up as Nya. For the record, she also wears a red outfit. See the picture of her here. I thought it would be fun to wear our costumes to LegoLand. If you follow me on Instagram, you know my boys are obsessed with Legos and LegoLand. We literally go once a week since they love it so much. The best part of taking our pictures there was the unwanted attention my husband got with his costume. Everyone thought he worked there and all the kids were obsessed with him. Everyone wanted to take a picture of him and I swear he was mortified. I appreciate that he took it for the team and dressed up for the kids. We definitely should have enter the Halloween contest at LegoLand. I wish my costume had that much attention, but unfortunately the kids couldn't tell that I was Nya who is Kai sister from the movie. 
Since I wanted the boys to be comfortable, I found these super cute pajamas from Target that were perfect for Halloween. I'm all about maximizing their costumes and having them wear it more than once. We attended a few Halloween events with our friends this past weekend. It was definitely super busy and festive. Whatever you decide to do today,  whether it be trick or treating, passing out candy at the comfort of your own home, or going to party,I hope you have so much fun! We are planning to go trick or treating around our neighborhood with some of my family and friends. Thanks for stopping by! Have a safe Halloween. 

Here are our Halloween family costumes through the years. I hope you enjoy them. Let me know which one is your favorite. 


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