Saturday, July 25, 2020

What is the Nordstrom Anniversary SALE?

Your Ultimate Guide For Shopping The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale ...

Who is ready for the biggest sale of the year? It is literally the SUPERBOWL of sales. I can't believe that it is literally around the corner. If you've been following me on Instagram, I literally started my whole Instagram account on this SALE. Yes, it's that BIG. Don't be a sucker like me and hold out on items that you love. Let's get started on the top 5 questions I rounded up regarding the sale and how to score the biggest deals for the Fall! This is my 4th year covering the sale and I have learned over the years the tips and tricks for shopping items that YOU want. Here are some key points to remember. 

1. When is the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale? 
The Nordstrom Anniversary sale for preview started yesterday and ends on August 18th.  Access to the sale depends on what level credit card you have. See the diagram below for more detail. If you are a Nordstrom card holder you can shop as early as August 4th. Make sure to check what your status is on your credit card so you know which day to shop. If you do not have a credit card, public access starts August 19th.  The sale ends August 30th. 

Key dates for Nordstrom anniversary sale 2020
2. What is the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale?
The Nordstrom anniversary sale is one of the biggest sales of the year for stocking up on FALL/WINTER which are discounted 25% or more. Prices are discounted for so many amazing items that will go back to full price once the SALE is over. It allows shoppers to take advantage of big ticket items which include a wide range of products from makeups, shoes, accessories, clothing as well as men and children. I know its only July, but now is a time to start thinking about Christmas items for your loved ones.

3. How do I get early access?
Trust me when I say this, but make sure you get early access on these deals since most items will be sold out before the sale hits the public. You can get early access by applying on the Nordstrom website. I love that you can apply for the credit card or debit card option. I personally applied for the credit card, because I do not like giving companies access to my bank account ,but others like seeing what's taken out of their bank right away instead of receiving a statement & being surprised later like I do.

4. What items should I get and stock up on? 
Before you squander your money, make sure to do your research. Lucky for you, I will be doing that for you.  So please stay tuned and come back as I select the BEST deals. I recommend having a game plan.  (Yes, I told you it is like preparing for the Superbowl) Figure out what you need for Fall/Winter. Clean out your closet and she what items you need. Donate items that you don't need so you can make room for your new items. Don't buy things just because it's popular, but isn't suited for YOU or your lifestyle. I will be rounding up what items I think that are essential all season long and can transition into fall and winter.  I recommend investing on items like purses, shoes, & jewelry because they are usually the ones with the best deals.

5. What if I don't like something? 
Rest assured.. Nordstrom has the best return policy ever. It's basically like Costco. You can return anything that you don't like or if something doesn't fit they are happy to exchange your item. I love buying from a company that believes in satisfying their customers.

Overall, I highly recommend getting the credit card now so that you can start taking advantage of the sale that starts in a couple of weeks. Make sure to check back here on the products that I recommend which will definitely be the ones with BIG savings.  Let me know if you have any other questions regarding the sale. Also, make sure to sign up for which is super easy to sign up. You only have to sign up once and you get shoppable emails delivered straight to your inbox.   Thanks for stopping by. Let me know what items you are eyeing this year or any questions you have regarding the sale.

Make sure  so that you can have everything saved on your wishlist and ready to go. These sale items go fast and if you can snag it in your size do so when the sale is LIVE. Make sure to check back frequently as I will be updating my picks with review and sizing! 

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