Saturday, September 17, 2016

Finding the Perfect Balance

What is finding the perfect balance mean? I wish I could give you a one size fits all answer to this question. For me, finding a balance is trying to juggle my family, kids, job, and my interests. I wish I could tell you that I figured it all out. Trust me, I am still trying to learn and juggle it all. I mean who doesn't want everything. I've learned to prioritize what's important and make time in my life for things that I love, like blogging and fashion. Here are some tips that I learned through the years that help me not only find balance in my life but to take time and enjoy it too. 

1.Prioritize what's important. 
Make a small do-able list. I am still learning with this one. I've learned that sometimes we make our to-do list so long that it seems impossible to finish it all and then, & causes a reverse effect of adding more stress because we feel like we have failed. Therefore, I make a realistic list of what I can do and what's most urgent and check it off. There are things on your list that make take days to complete. For those tasks, I suggest creating a smaller list so that you can check off things that you have completed. Trust me, you will feel better and more accomplished.

2. Make Time for yourself ("Me" Time)
"Me" time is so important, especially for moms. It can be an hour getting a mani or pedi, hanging out with your girlfriends, shopping, vegging out in front of the TV, sleeping in whatever that makes you happy is your "me" time. Honestly, taking an hour away just to get a pedicure from the kids really helps me reboot and re-energize.

3. Yoga/Stretching

Even though I'm not the most flexible person in the world, I have always loved yoga and stretching. I've learned to love yoga even more now that I'm a mom because it is the only quiet time I get from the kids. Yoga is also a great time to unwind and clear your mind from stress or thinking about your to-do list.  I highly recommend that you take at least an hour or fifteen minutes to unwind. Stretch out and just unwind. Trust me it works wonders. 

4. Date Nights with your spouse/significant other
Date nights are so important in every aspect of a relationship. I feel like it is even more important when you have kids. It's so easy to get caught up with the kids that you forget about your significant other. My husband and I try to do date nights at least once a month to reconnect with each other. It is such a great way to bond with your partner without having the kids' scream while you are trying to have a conversation.

5. Make time for things that you love. 
As I mentioned before, fashion and blogging are one of my favorite hobbies. I try to make time so that I can blog and share outfit ideas to share with each and one of you. I find that when you make time for things you love it makes you much happier. Life is short. You have to do things that make YOU happy. 

What are some things that you do to help you find balance in your busy life? I would love to hear your tips and tricks. I hope you are enjoying your weekend! 

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