Sunday, February 19, 2017

Eye Lash Extensions

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Happy Sunday! I hope you are enjoying your weekend. It's been rainy here in SoCal these past couple of days and I'm enjoying every minute of staying in. I've been so lazy because of this weather and haven't worn make up for two days. I'm so thankful that I have tried eyelash extensions since it makes me look so put together without make up on. If you are on the fence of trying eyelash extensions, I totally recommend going to place that you've research and trust. Good news is I found a fabulous place for you if you are located in San Diego.   Lash & Skin Studios  is located in Mission Valley and such a fabulous place from the friendly staff when you check in to the whole experience of getting your lashes done. I was lucky to have the owner, Allie do my eyelash set. She was very quick and it took about 45 minutes which normally takes an hour. I love that she is also a native from San Diego. I love supporting local businesses being a San Diego native myself. The experience started with Allie going through a consultation with me to find the best lashes to fit my lifestyle. Since I wanted them to look natural she suggested that I start with the combo set to see how my eyes would react to the lashes and to make sure that they were not too heavy since it was my first time. After the consultation, I was asked to take any eye make up off so she could start the process. A tip I recommend is to make sure to not wear any eye make up so that you can start right away. I told her I had sensitive eyes and that I wore contacts and I was nervous since I have never done this and read some many horror stories of other people's experience with lashes. She definitely helped put me at ease with her friendliness and also making sure I was comfortable during the entire process. 
The process started with Allie putting two stickers/patches under my eyes and then gently using tweezers to put each eyelash on at a time. Like I mentioned before, Allie is super fast and only took about 45 minutes for the entire process. The room and bed was super comfortable and before I knew it, my eyelashes were done. When I opened my eyes, I was so surprised at how natural they look. If you are looking for more glam lashes, they are offered them too. Also, I wanted to mentioned that my eyelashes are so short to begin with so these may not seem long to those that are blessed with long lashes. These definitely help open my eyes and definitely make me look more youthful. 
The best part of the eyelashes is that you don't even feel that they are on. I forget sometimes that I even have them on. Every time, I look it in the mirror I'm amazed at how gorgeous and natural they look. If you are on the fence of trying eyelash extensions, I definitely recommend them. Allie told me that the eyelashes should last 3-4 weeks and I would need to come in for a fill which I keep you posted on. I have them for almost a week now and they look great with no fall out of lashes. 
I also love the eyelash mascara and eyeliner that Allie recommended for my lashes. It's definitely gives my lashes a more glam look. All in all, I am very happy with how my eyelashes turned out and I wanted to share my wonderful experience with you. The good news is if you are in San Diego, the studio is offering 10% off any introductory service using my code: STYLESREVEALED
Lash Skin & Studio also offer bridal packages and lash parties which are perfect to host for a ladies night or a mom's night out. I mean who doesn't want to be pampered? Not only do they offer lash extensions, but microblading as well.  Make sure you check out their website here and deals listed below for more services that they offer. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed this post and review of my experience. Let me know in the comments below if you tried eyelash extensions. I would love to hear about your experience. 

A special thanks to Lash Skin & Studio for sponsoring this post. A very special thanks to Allie for making me feel beautiful on Valentine's Day. All opinions are my own. 


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