Monday, April 22, 2019

Happy Easter!

OUTFIT DETAILS: MAXI DRESS (ROSS) similar here & here || GUCCI SUNGLASSES dupe here|| BRIXTON HAT|| MARC FISHER WEDGES (sold out) similar here & here|| Circle Bag (sold out) similar here  On Liam: Plaid top || Camo shorts|| SKETCHERS|| On Ashton: Plaid top|| Checked shorts|| Nike


Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a day full of love, joy, & laughter for Easter weekend. I had a busy weekend with the boys. On Saturday, we went to the Easter Egg hunt in our community and it was such a blast. The boys had such a great time meeting the Easter bunny and finding eggs. They also had little activities for the kids to do as well. The weather was a bit warm but it didn't seem to bother them after cooling off with a snow cone. On Sunday, we did another Easter Egg hunt at Enchanted Island which is located in Phoenix. We've been going to this since Liam was two years old. I still remember him getting eggs and having to chaperone him. This place brings back so many great memories of Liam when he was a toddler. Since Liam wasn't feeling well, he didn't participate, but Ashton had a blast. Unfortunately, we had to leave early since Liam wasn't feeling well. 

Reflecting back on this weekend, I need to not push myself and my boys even though they had fun.Yes, I'm the mom that wants to do it all and I think we may have over did it. I'm always the person who is on the "go" and wants to do it "all" and want the boys to have fun. It's really hard for me to slow down and not do everything. I'm still learning that it's okay not to do it all. I wanted to dye their eggs when we got back, but since Liam wasn't feeling well we didn't get to do it. I'm hoping to do that when he feels better. I wanted to share some highlights of our Easter weekend in case you missed on it on Insta Story. I also post a lot on my stories that are more real life and not staged as it is on my Instagram.  I hope you guys were able to enjoy this day with family and friends. 

 I also got a lot of questions about the dress I wore. I got mine from Ross and couldn't link the exact one, but I have a bunch of similar ones at different price points. I think this dress is super flattering and prefect for spring. It's perfect for Mother's day, a graduation party or "just because", because there shouldn't have to be an occasion to dress up. In my opinion, you should always look fabulous, because YOU want to! Have a great Monday and even better week ahead! Thanks for stopping by! Xo

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