Friday, November 25, 2016

Gift Guide For HIM

I'm beyond excited that I finished my Christmas shopping for my husband this year early! He is literally the hardest person to shop for especially since he loves designer items and I dislike and hate paying full price for it. The good news is I found an abundance of items on SALE that are from major designers that are at a great price at more than 50% off original price. Nordstrom and Bloomingdales are having a great SALE that I couldn't pass up. I also found items that are mostly under $50 and found some great splurge items for those that like to splurge on their husbands. I hope you find this post helpful and inspire you to shop for items for your husband, brother, dad or that special someone in your life. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you are enjoying this long weekend. I'm hoping to take the kids to Legoland tomorrow so I'm trying to finish my shopping now and not wait until the last minute which I usually do. This year, the prices are too GOOD to pass up! Happy Shopping. Can you guess which items I picked out for my husband?



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