Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Bedroom Decor with Society 6

Home decor details: Clock, Wall Art (Eat Well, Travel Often), Pillows (Gold Leaf accent, Hello Sunshine, Perfectly Imperfect), Comforter (all c/o Society 6)//Glass Tray: Nordstrom Rack similar here//White carpet: Ross similar here//Vanity Chair: Ross similar here//Throw Blanket: Nordstrom Rack//Pink Tassel pillow: Nordstrom Rack// Pink spike jar: c/o BKR// Small pink glass jar: c/o BKR//Watch: c/o Daniel Wellington (use code STYLESREVEALED15 FOR 15% OF your purchase)//Gold Stripe Cup: Nordstrom Rack similar here//Mirror: Home Goods similar here//Candles: c/o Bright Endeavors 


Happy Thursday everyone! I hope you are having a great week. I'm so excited to finally share my bedroom decor with you. I've collaborated with Society 6 which is an amazing online store which is home to hundreds of thousands of artists from around the globe, from art prints to throw pillows. I love that you can choose and select pieces that really reflect your style. You can read more about this amazing company here. I love that every item I selected is designed by a local artist and I am able to have the same design on a throw pillow, comforter, wall art and my clock. I wanted my bedroom decor to reflect my style. I have been loving gold and blush pieces and have incorporated this color palette in my bedroom. I wanted to create a space that my husband and I loved and felt connected. It was so much fun selecting pieces that we both enjoy from Society 6. I have so many favorite pieces in this collection that it is so hard to choose just one. All the pieces that I selected really reflect who I am. I think the clock which says "Eh, I'm already late," really reflects how I feel most days, especially days which involves my kids who are uncooperative when are already late to where we are supposed to be. I've learned just to set my clock fifteen minutes faster so that I can be on time. 
My husband favorite piece is the wall art that says "Eat Well, Travel Often." This is definitely our motto when we were dating and it's a great reminder for us on how much we love to eat, try new restaurants restaurants and travel. Although it has been harder to travel now that we have two kids, my husband and I really try to make a priority to plan a small trip or vacation. One of my favorite pieces from the collection is the throw pillow that says: "I am so perfectly imperfect" because it is true and now that I am older I've embrace my flaws and have learned that it is okay to not be perfect at everything. I've also learned to take things day by day and to do the best that I can. Blogging is very hard especially with two kiddos under the age of five and who are very active and rambunctious. 
The truth is I shot this bedroom look before the kids came home from school so this is what my bedroom would look like and how I would love it to look on a daily basis. Unfortunately, my reality with white just doesn't mesh well with my kids.  As soon as my kids came home from school, they literally destroyed my white rug and spilled nail polish all over it. Yes, it has been one of those days. I've learned to just let it go.  Please let me know if you have  any tips on removing nail polish from your rugs, I would love to hear it. I hope to get my room looking like this again and hopefully the stains from the nail polish would come out. Have a great week ahead! Thanks so much for stopping by!

A special thanks to Society6 for all the wonderful art work, throw pillows, clock and comforter. 

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